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Xiangshan goes to sea

Xiangshan goes to sea

2021-10-12 14:47

Xiangshan goes to sea

After discussion, the leaders decided to organize the employees to go to Xiangshan to play at sea, and the notice is as follows:
1. Participants: employees of each department
2. Clothing: uniform work clothes
3. Time: gather at the company gate at 8 a.m
4. Travel mode: tourist bus (Note: take according to the list)
5. Precautions:
(1) Please bring your ID card!
(2) Pay attention to personal safety during travel, including personal safety and property safety, and take good care of your belongings,
Members of each group shall obey the command of the captain and abide by the safety regulations of the cruise ship. As the weather is changeable, please bring your own rain gear and clothes.


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