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Ningbo Municipal People's Government and China Die & Mould Industry Association as the guiding unit, the “2018 China (Ningbo) Mould Industry, Research and Development Development Forum” hosted by Ninghai County People's Government, Ningbo Binhai New Area and Ningbo Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. in September 2018 On the 9th, it was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang.

As an important part of the Global Smart Economy Summit and the 8th Zhibo Fair, this forum focuses on the theme of “Mold Intelligent Manufacturing Helps the Transformation of the Real Economy”, invites experts at home and abroad to give keynote speeches and exchanges, and build a business and research institute for the industry. A platform for mutual cooperation and common development.
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chairman of the China Mechanical Engineering Society Li Peigen, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Distinguished Professor of the "Qiushi Scholars" of Zhejiang University, Tan Jianrong, well-known economist, director of the Center for Modern Industry and Finance Research, Pudong Cadre College, China Mould Industry Association Secretary-General Qin Lan, chief designer of Zhidou Automobile, and honorary chairman of Italian CSG company, Bazi, and other well-known experts and scholars attended the conference to give speeches and made suggestions for the innovation and development of Ningbo “hometown of molds”. Chen Bingrong, director of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, Xu Hong, director of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Lin Jian, county head of Ninghai County, Tian Pingyue, chairman of the Industrial Investment Group, Zhong Jianbo, general manager, and Li Zhongzhu, deputy general manager, and hundreds of companies in the mold and related industries The family attended the forum.
Academician Li Peigen and Academician Tan Jianrong analyzed the current situation and prospects of the Ningbo mold industry from a technical perspective. Academician Li believes that mold companies need to adjust their concepts as soon as possible, from “product-centric” to “market-centric” to “customer-centric”, giving products a unique personality through intelligent technology, while establishing a collaborative design customization model, fragmentation. Integrate user needs. In his speech, Academician Tan suggested that the mold enterprises should quickly build the “fast train” for the development of the electronic and electrical industry, the intelligent wearable terminal industry and the intelligent networked automobile industry, update the mold research and development technology, build the digital design and manufacture integrated platform for the mold, and overcome the mold products one by one. Shorter life cycles, reduced profit margins, increased product complexity and increased diversity.
Secretary General Qin Hao said in his speech that the level of the mold industry has become an important criterion for measuring the manufacturing level of a country and a city. In the future, the mold industry must realize the reconfiguration of all factors to improve the production efficiency, operational efficiency and research and development efficiency of the mold. Some time ago, a number of Ningbo mold companies were cooperating with the mold companies in Aachen, Germany, to compare the gaps and tap the potential, so as to enhance the participation in the international market and set a good example for the self-improvement of the same type of enterprises. At the same time, Secretary-General Qin also introduced the 19th China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition of DMC2019.
In the interactive dialogue session of the forum, Qin Yu, Secretary General of China Die & Mould Industry Association, Ying Guobang, deputy head of Ninghai County, Bao Wei, President of First Injection Molding Co., Ltd., Zhang Yizhen, Shenzhen Tongchuang Weiye Asset Management Partner, and Ningbo Vocational and Technical College Wang Zhengcai, Dean of Ming College, and Yi Ping, Chairman of Wuhan Yimo Technology Co., Ltd. held discussions on topics such as intelligent transformation, improvement and efficiency improvement in the mold industry, and made suggestions for the transformation and development of Ningbo mold industry.
At the same time as the masters gathered to explore, a number of practical production, research and research cooperation results also landed in Ningbo. At the forum, Chairman Tian Pingyue and Mr. Lin Jian jointly unveiled the China (Ningbo) Intelligent Mould Engineering Public Service Innovation Center. The center is expected to provide perfect public technical services for 200 small and medium-sized mold enterprises every year; Ningbo Mould Industrial Park, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Kungu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract to jointly build Huawei's Mould Cloud Innovation Service Platform to help Ningbo's mold industry accelerate its "smart".
DMC Mould Exhibition is dedicated to creating a platform for industry-university linkage
Improve the level of collaborative innovation in production, education and research in the mold industry
Has been in continuous two years
Setting up vocational college booths during the DMC exhibition
Make full use of resource advantages to serve the development of the manufacturing industry!
DMC deep integration of production and education | See how

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